The Assembly of Academicians

The Assembly of Academicians of ACALAN shall have the following four categories of membership:

  1. Academicians;
  2. Associate Members;
  3. Correspondent Members;
  4. Honorary Members.

Conditions for Eligibility

The following criteria shall apply for membership:

  1. An Academician shall be a citizen of a Member State who is of scientific, technical, cultural and moral repute and elected by members of his/her Commission;
  2. An Associate Member shall be an eminent African scientific personality working in his/her national structure and nominated by the Commissions and by countries concerned by the language;
  3. A Correspondent Member shall be a Non-African scientific personality  who contributes notably to the study and promotion of African languages;
  4. An Honorary Member shall be an eminent writer, historian or philosopher or scientist from Africa or the Diaspora, interested in the area of national languages and nominated by the Commissions.


The Assembly shall:

  1. Receive and consider the results of the deliberations or presentations of the Board on subjects relating to scientific, technical and cultural topical issues;
  2. Examine and discuss issues submitted to it or any other scientific issue, and independently express their opinions;
  3. Draft their Rules of Procedure and submit same to the Board for approval;
  4. Consider the Plan of Action prepared by the Secretariat in consultation with the Committee and submit same for consideration and adoption of the Board;
  5. Encourage researchers to transmit to the Assembly the most significant results of their work;
  6. Advocate the ACALAN cause worldwide in addition to their scientific contribution;
  7. Perform any such function in line with the objectives of ACALAN.