Function of the Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive and the Legal Representative of ACALAN. He discharges the following duties subject to the directives of the Board:

  • Manage ACALAN Secretariat;
  • Be the authorizing officer of the ACALAN budget;
  • Implement the directives of the Board and report to it thereon;
  • Prepare the programme of activities, the financial report and the ACALAN Report;
  • Prepare and submit to the Board the Draft Budget, Activity Report, Rules of Procedure of the various organs and the Plan of Action of ACALAN for consideration and approval;
  • Attend all meetings of the Board and act as its Secretary;
  • Be responsible for collecting and disseminating results of linguistic research;
  • Coordinate training programmes for researchers;
  • Ensure the archiving of documents and establish a data bank;
  • Ensure the production and translation of ACALAN publications in the vehicular trans-border languages and partner languages;
  • Ensure the publication of the ACALAN bulletin;
  • Monitor the implementation of the Language Plan of Action for Africa;
  • Perform any other functions in line with the objectives of ACALAN.
  • Should the position fall vacant or the Executive Secretary be prevented from discharging the above duties, he/she shall be temporarily replaced by the most senior Official within the Secretariat until the appointment of the new Executive Secretary.