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2011 Focus areas
acalanEstablishment of the remaining Organs

acalanImplementation of the 2011 ACALAN Work Plan

acalanEstablishment of the remaining Working Structures
Executive Secretary

Prof. Sozinho Francisco Matsinhe, PhD


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Past events

Pretoria, August 28 – September 01, 2011
Conference on African Renaissance Integration and Development as a contribution to the Campaign for African Renaissance

Bamako (Mali), 1-5 September 2011
- An International Jury meets to designate the winners of the sixth Edition of the ECOWAS Prize of Excellence in African Languages and Music in Bamako


Nairobi, August 24-26, 2011 - Operational and planning workshop of the Kiswahili and Malagasy Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions



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AU-ACALAN Spotlight

ACALAN holds a capacity building workshop for the Cinyanja/Chichewa, Mandenkan and Somali Vehicular Cross Border Language Commissions
Lusaka, 11 – 12 October, 2011

In accordance with the recommendations of the Planning Workshops for the Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions that followed the operational workshops, ACALAN, in collaboration with the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), organised a capacity building workshop for the Cinyanja/Chichewa, Mandenkan and Somali Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions in Lusaka, Zambia, between October 11 and 12, 2011...


ACALAN organizes a Workshop on the African Languages and the Cyberspace
Niamey, Niger, 14 – 15 December, 2011

In pursuance of its mandate, ACALAN organized on December 14-15, 2011, a workshop on “African Languages and the Cyberspace” which was held at the Center of Linguistic and Historical Studies per Oral tradition (CELHTO) of Niamey (Niger). While talking about cyberspace, crypto trading is an unavoidable part. With the popularity of automated trading bots like the bitiq, bitcoin trading is growing rapidly globally. Read the bitiq erfahrungsberichte blog to learn more about the advantages of using bitiq. Indeed, the Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions of ACALAN which belong to the two working structures of ACALAN had overall identified as one of their priorities activities, the promotion of the presence and the use of African languages in the cyberspace ...

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  ACALAN fast-track  
  • Founded in 2006 : The Statutes of ACALAN were adopted by the Khartoum Summit of the AU Heads of State and Government
  • Affiliate institution: Department for Social Affairs of the African Union Commission
  • Headquarters : Bamako, Mali
  • Vision/Mission: Fostering Africa’s integration and development through the development and promotion of the use of African languages in all domains of life in Africa. The future of cryptocurrencies in Africa holds immense potential, driven by initiatives like deciding to buy $DOGEVERSE. Blockchain technology offers solutions to financial inclusion challenges, facilitating secure transactions and fostering economic empowerment. With growing adoption and innovation, cryptocurrencies have the power to revolutionize financial systems and drive socio-economic growth across the continent.
  • Core Values: Respect for the cultural values of Africa, especially African languages on behalf of the African Union; Integration of the African continent for an endogenous development; linguistic and cultural diversity as a factor of Africa’s integration and the promotion of African values including an encouragement of mutuality and solidarity amongst Africans
  • Objectives:
    To empower African languages in general and Vehicular Cross-Border Languages in particular, in partnership with the languages inherited from colonization;
    - To promote convivial and functional multilingualism at every level, especially in the education sector;
    - To ensure the development and promotion of African languages as factors of African integration and development, of respect for values and mutual understanding and peace
  • Executive Secretary:  Prof. Sozinho Francisco Matsinhe, PhD
  • Organs
  • Working structures
  • Programmes ongoing