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2011 Focus areas
acalanEstablishment of the remaining Organs

acalanImplementation of the 2011 ACALAN Work Plan

acalanEstablishment of the remaining Working Structures
Executive Secretary

Prof. Sozinho Francisco Matsinhe, PhD


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Past events

Pretoria, August 28 – September 01, 2011
Conference on African Renaissance Integration and Development as a contribution to the Campaign for African Renaissance

Bamako (Mali), 1-5 September 2011
- An International Jury meets to designate the winners of the sixth Edition of the ECOWAS Prize of Excellence in African Languages and Music in Bamako


Nairobi, August 24-26, 2011 - Operational and planning workshop of the Kiswahili and Malagasy Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions



Useful links dealing with language development issues...

The ambition of this page is to provide you with a list of web sites which deal with our African languages and as much as possible, will bring you on websites in African languages. Good discovery !
Maaya is the World Network on Linguistic Diversity created at the initiative of ACALAN during the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis.

"Internet Living Swahili Dictionary"

A collaborative web-based dictionary project. English-Swahili and Swahili-English dictionaries can be searched or browsed. Also Russian-Swahili-Russian, but no French.
Un projet de dictionnaire fait en collaboration sur le web. Des dictionnaires d'Anglais-Swahili et de Swahili-Anglais peuvent être recherchés ou parcourus. Aussi Russe-Swahili-Russe, mais rien pour le moment pour le Français.

This website particularly addresses people who are interested in bambara language and culture. On this website, you will find:

  1. information on the publications of Pères Charles Bailleul, José Morales, Gabriel Cuello and on their availability
  2. some articles and talks, published or not
  3. some documents about the neighbouring languages particularly xasonké and malinké
  4. and a large documentation in bambara

PanAfrican Localisation Project
: Facilitating, informing & networking ICT localisation initiatives across the continent


Sil International :
The purpose of SIL International is to work with language communities worldwide to facilitate language-based development through research, translation, and literacy.

Conférence de Bamako 2002
Rapport de l'Atelier Langues africaines et Internet
L'atelier sur les langues africaines et Internet s'est déroulé le 26 mai 2002 au Palais des Congrès, Bamako, (Mali) où se tenait la Conférence Régionale Bamako 2002, " Afrique et Sommet mondial sur la société de l'information "
La Déclaration d'Asmara sur les Langues et Littératures Africaines
Nous, écrivains et intellectuels de toutes les régions de l'Afrique, nous sommes réunis à Asmara, Erythrée, du 11 au 17 janvier, 2000, à la conférence intitulée Contre Toute Attente: Langues et littératures africaines dans le 21ème siècle.

Langue arabe et langues africaines

Site en langue Peule
A ja'b'bama!: Your site for current News, Prayer Requests and Information
about work with the Rural Fulbe People