Portal for Publishers and Writers for the Promotion of a Multilingual Literate Environment:
Information sharing and networking framework among stakeholders of the book industry in African languages



Created on UNESCO funding, this portal of actors specializing in the production of African languages is information sharing and networking promoting space among stakeholders in the book industry!

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On this portal, you will find catalogues of the books produced in African languages!

How do you use this Portal ?

  • Do you want to know all the book titles available in a language, go to the language index and select this language;

  • Do you want to know all the works produced by a given publisher, go directly to the publishers’ index;

  • Are you interested in a particular theme and you would like to know all the books published in this theme please select the thematic index, after selecting a language;

  • You only have a book title in a national language and you would like to know its author, its language or any other information on this book, please use the search engine.

Promoting books production in African languages means promoting literate environments