Functions of the Executive Secretariat








2012 Focus areas
acalanEstablishment of the remaining Organs

acalanImplementation of the 2012 ACALAN Work Plan

acalanEstablishment of the remaining Working Structures
Executive Secretary

Prof. Sozinho Francisco Matsinhe, PhD


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Past events

Pretoria, August 28 – September 01, 2011
Conference on African Renaissance Integration and Development as a contribution to the Campaign for African Renaissance

Bamako (Mali), 1-5 September 2011
- An International Jury meets to designate the winners of the sixth Edition of the ECOWAS Prize of Excellence in African Languages and Music in Bamako


Nairobi, August 24-26, 2011 - Operational and planning workshop of the Kiswahili and Malagasy Vehicular Cross-Border Language Commissions



Functions of the Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive and the Legal Representative of ACALAN. He discharges the following duties subject to the directives of the Board:

  • Manage ACALAN Secretariat;
  • Be the authorizing officer of the ACALAN budget;
  • Implement the directives of the Board and report to it thereon;
  • Prepare the programme of activities, the financial report and the ACALAN Report;
  • Prepare and submit to the Board the Draft Budget, Activity Report, Rules of Procedure of the various organs and the Plan of Action of ACALAN for consideration and approval;
  • Attend all meetings of the Board and act as its Secretary;
  • Be responsible for collecting and disseminating results of linguistic research;
  • Coordinate training programmes for researchers;
  • Ensure the archiving of documents and establish a data bank;
  • Ensure the production and translation of ACALAN publications in the vehicular trans-border languages and partner languages;
  • Ensure the publication of the ACALAN bulletin;
  • Monitor the implementation of the Language Plan of Action for Africa;
  • Perform any other functions in line with the objectives of ACALAN.
  • Should the position fall vacant or the Executive Secretary be prevented from discharging the above duties, he/she shall be temporarily replaced by the most senior Official within the Secretariat until the appointment of the new Executive Secretary.